Paige & Allen are the type of people that make you feel like you are old friends… incredibly kind & humble. Real & genuine souls who wildly adore each other & i was instantly smitten! The way they look at, touch and hold the other, could make all envy what they have.

Their sweet boho wedding was celebrated at PEAR TREE ESTATES in Champaign IL…a beautiful venue in the middle of midwestern cornfields.

Paige is a hippie reincarnate & added a bit of that boho flair with her gorgeous gown, custom made coverlet & headbands of greens. Candlelight & lush floral in blush & ivory set the tone for their party. And of course the Marine & his friends added their traditions to the festivities. Sword exits are so special to experience! Allen surprised his hippie during the ceremony with a second wedding ring. After the ceremony they slipped away for a few minutes of quiet and shared private vows with one another, and the Marine again surprised his wife, with a second proposal.