The Big Day is almost here!

This page is meant to help you better understand how I work my part of your day. Please keep it saved as a bookmark on your computer/tablet or phone for easy referencing. Most questions you will have might be answered here!

Getting ready photos...

The following tips will depend on the type of coverage you chose so please keep that in mind...if we have discussed your day of timeline and I am starting before you get into your gown, this applies to you.

Please have your gown, shoes, veil and flowers ready to be photographed. Your gown should be un bagged and on the hanger you want in photographs. You do not have to worry about 'where' to hang it for photographs, (unless you have something in mind!) i will take care of that when i arrive!

We will take a few relaxed candid type photos of you and your girls and then have you get into your gown! Please plan accordingly for this part of your day... 'getting ready' photos can be some of the most beautiful photos from the day! Choose a space worthy of YOU and that gorgeous gown! Window light and neutral colors work best.

For your Groom, this part will depend on your contract ...if you added my assistant photographer, she will capture photos of him IF your wedding is local to the Peoria Il area or if he is getting ready at the same location as you. If neither of the above apply, I will capture a few quick shots of him at the ceremony location if possible.

Once you are dressed, what happens next depends on your day of plan...

First Look ...

If you are planning to see each other before the ceremony, there are a few logistics to think through. First - WHERE do you want to do your first look? Second - How are you going to get there if travel is involved ...many times i have had couples forget this part! From there i can help with the rest. I am happy to choose a location if you are not sure or just dont want to.

I prefer that the FIRST time you see each other on your wedding day, be private. (Other than your photographer or video person that is) This may seem a bit bossy/pushy but i promise it is for good reasons! I want you to only see & hear your groom and for him to only see and hear you! When you invite others to be part of your first look, its hard not to be distracted by onlookers! And remember, you wont have much time alone together on your wedding day so soak in your first look moments as much as possible!

Wedding Party + Family Photos

Wedding party photos included in our wedding coverage are as follows …

Complete Group (both guys and girls, ushers, ringbearers flower girls)

the Bride and her girls as a group

the Bride and her girls individually if requested

the Groom and his guys as a group

the Groom and his guys individually if requested

My style of work with wedding partys is traditional and relaxed. These photos usually require no more than 15 – 20 minutes of time.


Family Photo groups that are included in our wedding coverage are as follows …

ALL Family photos are taken with the BRIDE & GROOM.

I start with the brides side and wrap up with the grooms side the exact same way.

bride & groom with…

one large group with grandparents, parents, siblings aunts uncles cousins etc..

grandparents, parents, siblings

grandparents only

parents only

siblings only

I have become very good at getting these groups finished within about 15 to 20 minutes & this keeps everyone pretty happy! 😉

*** this list meets 99% of my clients wants for family photos. however if you have other requests, please email me directly with a list of what you want to add &  i will get you a quote. we do charge a fee for extra family photos due to the post processing work involved.


Do I need a wedding shot list? Nope.

"Probably the most disappointing factor in a shot list is that a couple would want to replicate someone else’s wedding photos instead of having images that are uniquely their own. Your love, personalities, and style are what make your wedding day special. Forcing a photo you saw on a blog keeps you from living the candid moment in your day. You’ve spent all of this time building an extraordinary love, not to mention planning the celebration of your dreams, so live in the present — we hear it goes by pretty fast — and let your photographer capture what makes you shine."

I want your wedding images to reflect YOU! I have added a link here to a really well written article by one of the top wedding blogs if you are interested!



hopefully we have this planned with your day of timeline, at this point, but if we dont, your coverage will be based on what was included in your contract.

If you have the shorter coverage for your day, I always suggest doing as many of the main events of the reception as soon as you can. This way you know that you will have photos from me of those events. I have had MANY couples walk into their party and immediately cut the cake followed by the first dances, then on to dinner and socializing for the evening. It works well for all weddings but in particular, a wedding with limited photography coverage.