with so many choices & options available to couples for wedding photography...its probably just a bit daunting trying to navigate them all! how do you know who is best for you? obviously the work is crucial, but with many photographers having similar is a couple to choose. i am hoping the following intro to ME will help you to better understand who i am, know how i work and to decide wether or not i am a good fit for you.

i have been in this profession for 11 years, & covered almost 300 weddings. my experience behind the lens has run the gamut! from an intimate garden wedding with 30 people the florida keys, Vermont mountains, vineyard in North Carolina foothills,  beaches of Jamaica and countless local weddings of all kinds. so yes i have covered many types of weddings! i have been asked what my style of work is...honestly i don't have just one style. some pro photographers would claim that they prefer to lean towards a certain aesthetic...wether it be boho, traditional, high end. but ultimately its about LOVE & thats my style. i want to document your relationship & capture that connection, in whatever style that may be. so if i had to describe my style...i would say its intimate, romantic & YOU!